It’s all about good design. It’s about accenting the positive aspects of a house and downplaying the negative. It’s showing a house in the best possible light and designed in the best possible way for people to live in.

We make sure that your staged home is visually pleasing, prospective buyers more inclined to visit, and when they visit, they make offers on your home.
When you work with Artful Home Staging and a leading real estate agent in your neighborhood, you have the support to guide you through a successful sale.

  • Artful Home Staging is a wonderful company that cares for the seller’s needs in preparing for their home sale. You can’t ask for a better person than Miriam Sadow to stage your home. You will get more return for your home sale if you stage & she will take care of your personal needs. I know from personal experience you will get the care in planning your needs.

    Debbie Kocks
  • In a word, “wonderful.” In two words, “beyond expectation.” Artful Home Staging was a pure joy to work with. Miriam is a true professional and her work proves it. As a Realtor, I know the power of a professional designer and the impact it can have when showing a home. The furniture is high quality and Artful Home understands the importance design, color and furniture placement to maximize the space. They are always able to provide the advice and services that fit my client’s needs and budgets, whether it’s freshening up a nicely-furnished home or the complete staging of a vacant home-don’t hesitate. Artful Home Staging is the choice you should make.

    Brooke Hernandez
  • Miriam has a creative flare for design and a exceptional eye for the aesthetics of space.

    Jennifer Huffaker
  • Professional. Knowledgeable. Creative. Decisive. Miriam is a person of action with a strong work ethic: she can help you find beautiful, new ways to stage your home for a faster, more profitable sale!

    Tanya Rebecca Berger
  • Miriam and crew were such a pleasure to work with! The lounge they created for a recent event was the perfect touch, and I can’t wait to work with them again!

    Lauren Embree
  • “Miriam’s skill and attention to detail, transformed my home into an aesthetically more pleasing environment and allowed the entire space to be more functional. What could be perceived as simply de-cluttering, was actually more thoughtful and carefully executed. The impact was immediate, with more showings and positive feedback as a result. I highly recommend them, and will absolutely acquire their services for future projects.”

    Patrick Family Rogers, AR.





More than ever, Staging Matters!