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10 Tips for Successful Northwest Arkansas Home Staging

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  1. Simplify the décor-remove photos of your family and any knick-knacks that will make the house feel more like your home and not a potential buyer’s home. Keep any remaining accent pieces simple and modern. Love the Razorbacks? A few pieces of tasteful memorabilia is OK but don’t make potential buyers feel like they should call the Hogs every time they enter a room.


  1. Paint the walls a light color-I usually recommend a muted shade of white, but a light cream could also be appropriate if your home has plenty of natural light. Colored walls reflect your personality and preferences, not a potential buyer. White walls will look crisp, clean and appealing. Don’t have enough time to paint all your walls? Consider touching up the major living spaces such as the living room and kitchen.


  1. Keep the lighting appropriate for the time of day-Make sure that each room has inviting and subtle but adequate lighting. Even if you have plenty of windows, leave lights on during the day. For evening showings, keep the lights a bit more muted. You want potential buyers to still be able to see, but also want to create a warm, appealing ambiance.


  1. Clear out at least 50% of your personal belongings-You’re already planning on moving, right? This step will help you in the packing process but more importantly it will declutter and depersonalize your home.


  1. Clear off your counters-In the kitchen, only have the most necessary appliances out, such as the coffee pot. In the bathrooms, make your counters clutter-free. If you do have products out during a showing, only use ones that have pretty packaging. Consider a small potted plant or roll up your clean towels in a basket to create a clean, attractive look.


  1. Add an intimate seating area in at least one room-This is an especially good idea for the master bedroom. It might seem counterintuitive to put in more furniture, but a small seating area with a bench or perhaps a couple of nice chairs will make the room feel larger and more appealing.


  1. Be mindful of your mirrors-Mirrors next to a window will bring in more light and large mirrors will make rooms seem more spacious. It’s vital that all mirrors are spotless otherwise it will make the house seem dirty.


  1. Consider your curb appeal-Make potential buyers want to come inside your home simply based on the outside. Make sure your leaves are raked, bushes trimmed, and the lawn mowed. It’s also important to make sure that your siding is in good shape and freshly painted.


  1. Toss in at least one quirky item-While you should declutter, it’s also important to make your home stand out among all the other homes your potential buyers visit. This could be a fun figurine or a high-quality piece of memorabilia that reflects the region.


  1. Make your house “homey” as much as possible for showings-I realize this might not be easy for last minute showings, but having coffee brewing, or a carafe of water on the kitchen counter with nice glasses sitting next to it. Another nice touch might be a book laying on the (otherwise decluttered) night stand.


Are you trying to sell your Northwest Arkansas home? Contact the Northwest Arkansas Board of Realtors to find a real estate agent. When you’re ready, give me a call. I’ll help you make your house stand out among all the rest with professional home staging.


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