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Are you moving into the Northwest Arkansas area? Not sure what to expect in the housing market? Don’t worry, you are not alone. With around 32 new residents each day, Northwest Arkansas is one of the most rapidly growing places in the country.

Since NWA is home to Fortune 100 companies such as Walmart and Tyson, as well the large supplier community, many of people move to this area for jobs. Like many people moving to a new region because of new employment find, I often hear that potential buyers don’t have a lot of time to spend looking at dozens of houses. They need the process to be as seamless and uncomplicated as possible.

As someone who also moved to Northwest Arkansas from across the country, and who spends her days working with clients and real estate agents to stage Northwest Arkansas homes for sale, I have several tips for making the home purchasing process progress more smoothly.

Here are some tips for how to quickly and effectively find a new home in the NWA area:

Get pre-approved for a loan

When moving anywhere, it is always a good idea! It is also much easier to work with a bank or mortgage company that is local to Arkansas. Those offices will understand Arkansas laws for home purchases, and will be able to best help you.

Find an experienced Realtor

Start your search for the perfect realtor by looking at recommendations from the Northwest Arkansas Board of REALTORS. If you already have friends in the area, you can also ask for recommendations from them. When looking for a real estate agent, it’s important to find one that is an experienced buyer’s agent and who is willing to work with your schedule.

Virtual house searching

If you are moving to NWA from out of state, do not simply wait to tour houses in person. After you have selected a local real estate agent, be sure to ask about homes that are already staged or have staged photos. This will allow you to better picture the house as your future home and give a feel for the layout before you tour it. It also helps narrow down the list of homes to tour. Once you have narrowed the list of potential houses down, you can make a trip to the area.

Choosing your community

Part of searching for a home is choosing which community in which you want to live. Northwest Arkansas has many communities of a variety of sizes. From 200 plus miles of biking trails to the downtown districts of every city, NWA has a lot to offer newcomers. Browse the cities tourism sites to get a feel for the city’s atmosphere before you take your trip. You can also do a lot of great research on the Finding NWA website.

When looking for your home, just be sure to factor in the school district and the surrounding neighborhood, instead of simply looking for a quick fix to your housing problem. Each community in NWA is unique and they all have something different to offer you and your family.

While it may be your plan to only live in the area for a year or two, I also often see people end up living here for longer than expected because they enjoy the region and its many amenities so much. Keep in mind that it’s important to find a house you can call home, but also remember that you aren’t “stuck” in that home forever I you decide to stay longer than originally planned. If you want to move a few years after purchasing your initial home, the region has plenty of housing options.

Hire an interior decorator

Your new home in Northwest Arkansas will obviously be different from where you’re living now therefore much of your existing furniture might not work well in your new home. Style, lighting, and a simple desire to start fresh could make it necessary to purchase new furniture. It would also be easier in many cases to sell your existing furniture and purchase new upon your arrival.

Many home staging companies like Artful Home Staging also offer home interior decorating services. I can look at pictures of your existing home and furnishings and help you decide what needs to go, what will work in your new home, and what items to purchase. This will help your rapid moving process create a “home” out of the new house.

Are you moving to Northwest Arkansas because of a new job? Or are you leaving Northwest Arkansas and want your home to sell quickly? Contact me today and I can help make the process more successful.

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