Staged Family Room | Arkansas

What goes into staging a home?

Clean – You cannot have your house too clean!

Clutter-Free – You are selling your house and not your things.

Color – Select colors that sells the space.

Compromise – Invest your money as a home seller where it will produce its greatest return.

Creativity – Creativity in staging is all about using- and in some cases-rearranging the materials that are already in or around the home to create a totally new and welcoming feel within the house.

Commitment – The home owner really has to be committed to staging the home completely and also staying on top of the staging as they live their daily lives.

Communicate – Potential buyers experience the stage home as spacious, open, warm, clean, fresh, pleasant and inviting. That’s message that staging conveys. Buyers not only see the house as a place they could live in, they see it as a place they want to live in.

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More than ever, Staging Matters!